We want the company to take care of its business whilst we take care of its administrative management. Being loyal to our philosophy of staying close to our customers and getting fully involved with them and their projects, we provide a Consulting and Administrative service which goes beyond what is conventional by offering:

  • 1. PREVENTIVE ADVICE. We go one step ahead, informing the customer of any aspects which may entail opportunities or risks even before the company or the customer contacts us.
  • 2. TAX BILL OPTIMISATION. Our thorough knowledge and experience of the tax doctrine and legislation enables us to select the best tax options referred to in the law and by which the tax bill may be reduced without generating future liabilities.

Example: Whilst some businesses are being provided with professional advice which generates tax liabilities (risk of extra payments to the tax authorities and to the social security) without knowing it, they are not willing to consider other tax options which the legislation offers free of risk.