Tempus Quality, established in 2007, introduces an innovative concept in the field of Organisational Systems.

Our business strategy has been set down relying on this approach. Our job is based on the thorough knowledge of the activity pursued by our customers, on our experience and on our technical knowledge.

Taking these premises as our starting-point, we have designed a unique work methodology which enables us to increase the productivity by up to 60% in our customer's administrative processes.


Our vision is based on two key elements.

Firstly, we believe that time maximisation is the cornerstone to the generation of value of the company.

And secondly, that the best means of achieving quality time is through efficient Administrative Organisational Systems.


Our main mission is to offer companies an efficient administrative organisational system, based on a customised time maximisation approach, to be implemented within its own structure and to, thereby, achieve its objectives.


  • Being our customer's main ally and having their trust. Their success is our success.
  • Creating a strong trademark value around our philosophy: The value of Time and of Organisation.
  • Consolidating ourselves in the market adapting to changes in a didactic way, and always offering a customised product which adds value and quality to our customers.


  • Offering an administrative organisational system which enables our customers to:
    1. 1. Devote more time to the essence of their business.
    2. 2. Be equipped with good quality and competitive information, which is key to successful decision making.
    3. 3. Reduce their costs.
  • Creating a constant flow of communication with our customers, fostering management based on planning instead of improvised management, within the field of preventive consultancy.


  • The value of Time.
  • Planning.
  • Excellence.
  • Honesty.
  • Commitment.
  • Loyalty.
  • Proactiveness.