• Comprehensive Advice during the Start-up Phase of Businesses.

    New Start-up Businesses: Only 5% of new businesses survive the first three years. We provide expert advice on the start-up of companies and we guarantee that your company will survive during this critical period offering you all the services necessary for your business to have a successful start:

    • Management of business matters (memorandums of association, powers, etc.).
    • Tax planning and management.
    • Financial and cost accounting.
    • Budgets.
    • Personal advice to entrepreneurs.
    • Business plan development including business presentations, corporate videos, etc.
    • Website development.
    • Technical assessment of the feasibility of start-ups' projects by an expert engineer.

  • Administrative Organisation.

    SMEs established in the Market: We provide customised Administrative Organisational Systems completely taylor-made to suit each customer's needs. We guarantee an increased efficiency in the rendering of the service and/or the output of up to 60%, in order for the company to obtain better profits and grow.

  • Administrative Organisation of City Halls.

    We offer the reorganisation of Local Authorities' administrative systems with a view to enhancing economic efficiency and to achieving the highest budgetary rigour with the cooperation of experts in the organisation of small and medium City Halls.

  • Advanced Management Systems.

    Medium and big organisations, with more than 50 employees: We offer the possibility of enhancing your position over competitors resulting in a substantial increase in productivity through the implementation of systems specialised in Time Control, Projected Financial Statements and Business Simulators.

    Organising is the act of coordinating and arranging the resources available, including but not limited to human, financial and physical, and the necessary activities, in order to fulfill the intended purposes.

    The purpose of the Organisational System Tempus Quality is to design and implement efficient work systems:

  • We make an in-depth study of the administrative processes of your entity with a different vision.
  • We improve those which entail risks or extra costs for your organisation.
  • Based on our experience, we implement the best existing practices on the market.
  • We standardise and automate the routine tasks (which take up most of the time and do not add value to the organisation).
  • We perfect and guarantee the functioning of the processes of the key activities.
  • We strike off duplicated activities.
  • We simplify activities.
  • From our experience we can guarantee that with the collaboration of the customer productivity levels increase by 60% on average. You win time... therefore... you win money.


An administrative department devoted more than 20 hours to prepare the fixed assets depreciation charts. By means of automating the process, of applying the principle of thrift and of relative importance, TQ reduced this process to 2 hours, abiding at all times by all the requirements existing under the current legislation.

Incremento rendimiento

The Administration, with the Organisational System Tempus Quality, warns the driver of the company, the Entrepreneur, about all possible dangers. Thereby, the entrepreneur can make calm, agile and correct decisions. Just as the headlights of cars, if they are efficient, they enable the driver to react in time, in a calm way in the face of adversity or of any problems which may arise.

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