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For the purposes of the provisions in the Organic Law no. 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection, "TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL" hereby informs that it completely abides by the existing legislation on personal data protection and by the confidentiality obligations associated with its activities.
"TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL", keeps automated files containing personal data, belonging to "TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL", for administrative, communication and information purposes. Such files are registered at the General Registry of the Spanish Agency for the Protection of Data, which the user can access in order to check the status of such files.
"TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL", has implemented the appropriate measures in order to meet the required security level, in accordance with the nature of the processed personal data and with the circumstances of such processing, in order to avoid, to the fullest extent and always subject to the state of the technique, any alteration, loss, or unauthorized processing or access.
The structure of files, PCs and information systems, shall apply to all files, temporary or permanent, belonging to "TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL", which contain personal data, as well as to any PC or information system which processes them, in order to comply with the current legislation on data protection.
All the staff hired by "TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL" and the individuals entrusted with the processing of data, are bound by these rules, in particular regarding their roles and responsibilities, which shall be duly set by "TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL".
The acceptance of these conditions requires the user to provide some mandatory personal data in order to be able to render his/her services. Such data shall be personally requested through forms or through the website. At the time of the data collection, the user shall be duly informed of his/her rights.
In order to keep the information contained in our files up-to-date and error-free, we ask our clients and users to inform us, at the earliest opportunity, of any amendments and rectifications which need to be made to their personal data.
The user or his/her proxy may exercise his/her access, rectification, cancellation and opposition rights by forwarding a written and signed request to "TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL", C/Campoamor 18, 2° C, de Madrid, provincia de Madrid, con Código Postal 28004, España. However, any other means which enable to recognize the identity of the client exercising any of the aforementioned rights may also be used.
The user will consent to "TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL" using his/her personal data in order to render the services hired to a high standard.
The filling in of the form contained in the site or the sending of e-mails or any other communications to "TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL", implies the client's express consent to their personal data being included in the aforementioned automated file, which belongs to "TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL".
When such information is requested, the client or user shall be informed about the recipient of the information, the aim for which the data is being collected, the identity and address of the File Manager and the user's power to exercise the access, rectification, cancellation and opposition rights regarding the processing of his/her data.
"TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL" does not assign personal data without prior consent from the data holders. Such consent must be obtained in each case, and the data shall only be assigned subject to the expressed purpose and always with the user or client's consent.
The data collected in all private communications between "TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL" and its clients or users shall be treated absolutely confidentially. "TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL" commits to the obligation of secrecy regarding personal data, to its duty to preserve them and to adopt all necessary means to prevent their alteration, loss and unauthorized processing or access, by virtue of the provisions under the Regulation on Mandatory Security Measures for Automated Files containing personal data.
Similarly, any type of information exchanged between the parties, information which the parties agree to be confidential, or information about the content of such confidential information, shall also be deemed to be confidential. Visualizing data through the Internet shall not entail direct access to such data, unless its holder expressly consents to it each time.
We advise the client not to share with any third party his/her identification, password or reference numbers provided by "TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL". Moreover, in order to guarantee that the protection of professional secrecy between "TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL" and the client is preserved in all communications, the client/user must not disclose confidential information to third parties.
"TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL" reserves the right to modify its security and data protection policy with a view to adapting it to any statute or case law developments, as well as to any developments which may arise from existing type codes on this matter, or from strategic corporate decisions, applicable from the date such modification is published on "TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL"'s website.

The website www.tempusquality.es, is managed by "TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL", registered with the Commercial Registry of Madrid, with tax identification number B85194298.
The file which has been created is located at the company's registered office, which to the intents and purposes of this Disclaimer is at "TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL", C/Campoamor 18, 2° C, de Madrid, provincia de Madrid, con Código Postal 28004, España, under the supervision and control of "TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL", who is responsible for the implementation of technical and organizational security measures in order to protect the confidentiality and integrity of the information, in accordance with the provisions under the Organic Law no. 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection, and under any other applicable law. "TEMPUS QUALITY, SLL", by virtue of Act 34/2002 on Information Society Services and E-Commerce, declares that the overall acceptance of such Law, comprises amongst these services the provision of information by these means. In any event, the Organic Law no. 15/1999 of 13 December on Personal Data Protection and its implementing legislation, in particular, regarding the collection of personal data, the information to interested parties and the creation and maintenance of personal data files, shall apply in this respect.